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Z-FLEX®: Zone Reflex Sighting System

Welcome to 2nd Sight Gun Sights, makers of Z-Flex®, the next generation gun sights designed to help all shooters achieve their shooting objectives.

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We have one simple goal:

"Beyond the fun of target or competition shooting, we also want everyone to defend themselves against potential threats by providing shooters with the most UNFAIR advantage we can offer to help you achieve speed and consistently accurate shot placement."

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COMING SOON!  2nd Sight will soon release our shotgun mounted Z-Flex sights for the Remington 870.....Law Enforcement asked and we responded! 

New listing!!  Z-Flex gun sights are now available at the Glock Store (www.glockstore.com)

Watch Lenny Magill (Glock Store) on You-Tube as he explains how Z-Flex works and conducts a live-fire demonstration.  See him at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUU7wsc3nIU&list=UUKcssJ3E661tHRBZBdZlqvw&index=6&feature=plcp

Additionally, a veteran soldier demonstrates the Zone Reflex (Z-Flex) combat sights as he transitions from the AR battle rifle to his back-up sidearm equipped with Z-Flex sights.  In low-light conditions, the luminised Z-Flex sights clearly aid in target acquisition and engagement.  View the You-Tube clip at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeu6CQErB1s
Visit us at these upcoming Gun and Trade Shows:

-  April 20-22, 2012 at the Chantilly, Virginia gun show (Dulles Expo Center)  - Had a great show and thank you to all the folks who stopped by to chat with us and also for your busness! 

May 13-14, 2012 at the Officer World Expo, Washington, DC
    (Ronald Reagan Building - booths 1004 & 1006 - main Atrium entrance)

-  2nd Sight travels to Windham, Ohio June 2-3 for training with Dave Spaulding at the home of Templar Custom Arms.  Check out their line of customized guns.

Check out our Z-Flex-T training targets, which helps you deliver effective hits along the "vital center line" of the threat or target.  Also helps improve your qualification scores by quickly "framing" the shot on center mass.

Order your Z-Flex-T training targets directly from Law Enforcement Targets (www.letargets.com).  Search on "Z-Flex" which takes you directly to the catalog page or select the category Tactical/Combat/Misc and scroll down to our targets.

We are in the process of retro-fitting Z-Flex sights to fit the dovetail slots on Sig Sauer P-series pistols.  Watch for availability soon!

2nd Sight salutes Travis Brunelle and thanks him for his service to our country.  Now based in Florida, Travis was featured on NBC for rescuing his dog from Afghanistan and bringing him back to the US.  His story can be seen on this short clip:    http://youtu.be/rTNHFn27nWA   Way to go, Travis!

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Z-FLEX In The News!

Law Officer Magazine - "Set Your Sights" by Dave Spaulding in the March 2011 Issue

"Combat sights must be configured to interrupt your field of vision. Although the highly trained can make the eye sprint back and forth between target and sights, the minimally to moderately trained cannot. What the Z-Flex does best is allow you to focus on the person who’s trying to kill you instead of the dot-on-dot sight alignment."

Photos Dave Spaulding

Read entire article "Set Your Sights".